Allow data to work for you. Discover how advanced, integrated and visual analytics and scenarios help you understand your business and can really improve the way you respond to changing business conditions and customer demands.

We can help you improve your result, reduce your costs or enhance your customar intimacy using Big Data: Big Data comes with such a velocity, variety and volume, that "normal" analysis would take too long to compute. Big Data Analytics enables you to explore huge amounts of data, discover unexpected relations in your data en predicts next steps for your company or process. & Analytics: Empowers you to see the results from your (Big Data) Analytics and reporting, by using dashboards, new ways of visualising tools and by 2D and 3D graphs.

Good analytics can really be making the difference! Some examples:
  • Cost effectiveness: By applying well defined analysis we helped an insurance company detecting fraud on customer`s declarations
  • Result improvement: By making good cross channel customer analytics we raised the retention rate significantly
  • Customer intimacy: Creating customer specific telephone scripts, customers have to call less and shorter to the company

We can help via engaging our IBA Quick Scan™, a method to discover how efficient your organization uses information. Read more

We can also help by organising our Introduction Big Data Roadmap at your site. Via a brainstorm we will analyze how your business can improve by introducing Big Data in your organisation. Read more

Our consultants can also help getting the job done. We can help you with roles like project management, business analysis, development and test. Read more

So team up with Caronne and turn your data into powerful information and contact us!