For decision making, regulatory demands and KYC processes, insight in information is needed. The information which you have to report on is vast - but is it also disclosed that well?
  • Can you make decisions quickly based on SMART analysis?
  • Do you send your regulatory reports on time and without errors?
  • Are you compliant with regard to Basel III, CRD4, FATCA and EMIR?

To create reports easily and and make quick analysis it is important to have a reporting & analytics environment that gives you a single version of the truth. We can help implement business intelligence: Implementing an analysis & reporting tool (most of the time on top of a datawarehouse) for enabling the creation of smart analysis and reporting that will give you the right tool for discovering valuable insights to make faster, smarter decisions.

Patterns and trends will appear once you structure data according to field-proven data warehousing and governance solutions. We will help you making all the reporting your business. Some examples:
  • Daily reports about derivative contracts to the Trade Repositories (EMIR)
  • Computation daily mark-to-market values of your current contracts
  • PD/LGD modelling for your Risk Management (Basel II/III)
  • Delivering CoRep, FinRep reports to the regulator (CRD IV)
  • Sum up and consolidate accounts of foreign customers (FATCA)

So team up with Caronne and turn your data into powerful information and contact us!