Until the advent of Big Data: Big Data comes with such a velocity, variety and volume, that "normal" analysis would take too long to compute. Big Data Analytics enables you to explore huge amounts of data, discover unexpected relations in your data en predicts next steps for your company or process. it was very hard to use the large potential of the combination of your structured data with the vast amount of the present unstructured data in such a way, that it produced revenues on a regular basis. Because of the speed of our current computers together with new developed techniques such as MapReduce, we now can do.

However, before we can start using those techniques, pinpointing the chances - based on your challenges and then look into which information is needed for this is the most critical path. And that`s exactly what we do.
Shows the Big Data Roadmap

Our in-house developed method Introduction Big Data Roadmap will discover the revenues of Big Data in your company. In a brainstorm with key-stakeholders of your organisation we will start with describing the strategy of your organisation and the most important challenges. Then we will look for the data associated with it. We will finish the session with aligning these to possible business processes and analysis. When elaborated, we will present this Big Data Roadmap to you, so you can decide how to move on from there.

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