Before you can start analysing business data, it has to be organised in a way that it can tell a story. Where is it? Do our definitions used comply with the regulator`s expectation? Who should be responsible for it? And which tools can help you get the most out of it?

We can help you organise and structure your data better using data warehousing: to be used when data from a lot of sources has to be collected, structured and combined for integrated reporting and analysis and by defining clear ownership and compliance via data governance: before structuring data can be done, it has to be clear what that data actually means on an individual level and when combined, who is responsible of (correctness of) the data is and who is the data steward of it - from an operational to a managerial level.

A well defined data warehouse together with governed data and processes for keeping it up to date is essential for financial reporting. Only on this way one guarantee things like:
  • A Single Point of Truthfor all data needed for financial reporting & analysis
  • Governed data that complies with regulator`s need for Basel III, CRD4, EMIR and FATCA
  • Unambigious and straightforward data collection and structuring

We can help via engaging our IBA Quick Scan™, a method to discover how efficient your organization uses information. Read more

We can also help via applying our Data Governance Spider™, method to audit quickly the current state of your data governance and to pinpoint the gaining points for it. Read more

Our consultants can also help getting the job done. We can help you with roles like project management, business analysis, development and test. Read more

So team up with Caronne and turn your data into powerful information and contact us!